Deft work with businesses like yours to implement revenue-generating email marketing strategies. We’ll also re-design your email templates to be fully responsive across all devices, help you set up your email platform and even train your marketing team on using the software.

Bring your email marketing into the 21st century

Is your brand one of the many still sending out un-personalised bulk email marketing campaigns to your entire database?

Many businesses understand that email marketing has the highest ROI potential of any marketing channel, yet it is often the most under-optimised.

Maximising your email channel is crucial for your bottom line, whether your goal is growing ecommerce sales and revenue or generating and converting leads.

At Deft, we develop sophisticated email automation strategies to send your customers dynamic, personalised email campaigns that are highly relevant to their interests and behaviour. Sending your customers only content they are interested in helps to increase open rates and engagement, drives up conversion rates and decreases unscubsribes.

Happy Customers. Increased Revenue.

When you work with us on your email marketing strategy, we’ll look at your business as a whole – your business goals, your customers, your industry, your products, your competitors and all the things that make your brand unique.

We’ll use all of this information to create an innovative strategy to engage with your customers in a way that makes them excited to open your emails. We use data and insights about how each customer has intereacted with your website, tailoring the content of emails to only products, content and features they’re likely to be genuinely interested in.

Isn’t that how we’d all love our email inboxes to look?

Why choose us as your Email Marketing partner

We are results obsessed. We also know how important your relationship with your customers is to your business and what makes for a successful email marketing campaign.

Measurable Results

We are data geeks and like to measure exactly what our clients get in return for their investment in email marketing.

Always Improving

We won't just set it all up and leave you to it. We'll be there to help you continuously drive your email marketing strategy forward. We use results-driven data to show you what works best for your brand and customers.

No Sales or Account Management Layer

Speak directly with the email marketing specialist working on your account.


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