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If you have just started researching SEO or PPC you may be slightly overwhelmed with the volume of acronyms, industry terms and the volume of conflicting information on the web.

You are probably wondering who to trust as there are so many digital marketing agencies who make some very bold claims.

We are going to try our best to demystify SEO and PPC for you. If you like the cut of our jib, get in touch and we’ll demonstrate how the team at Deft can develop and implement a search engine marketing strategy that suits your business goals.

It's not all about rankings, clicks and traffic

When Deft develops a search engine marketing strategy our core focus is not to simply generate more website traffic.

Instead, we focus on driving the right kind of traffic to your website – the type of traffic that is likely to generate revenue.

The team at Deft is made up of digital marketing & eCommerce professionals who have worked in senior positions at the heart of successful commercial businesses.

This means that our goals are very likely to align with yours and we focus on the metrics that matter.

PPC Strategy

Using our knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver PPC strategies designed to increase sales & leads while ensuring a high return on investment.

PPC Management

We can provide on-going PPC account management and can offer a solution that doesn't require a long term contract.

Google Shopping

Speak to us about some of the innovative strategies we have used to help businesses make £millions through Google Shopping.

Search Demand

An in-depth searcher demand analysis will help you determine how potential customers with commercial intent are searching online.

SEO Strategy

We can develop a 3, 6 & 12 month SEO strategy tailored to your business and then implement it for you.

Technical Audits

A technical audit will help you understand how you can improve your rankings for keywords likely to result in sales or leads.

Better Traffic. More Leads. More Sales.

If you are reading this page you probably have at least a general understanding of SEO and PPC. But even if you don’t, that’s fine; we are here to hopefully add some clarity.

When people talk about SEO they are generally referring to the ‘free’ listings on the search engine result pages. Of course, although these listings are free, businesses invest money in SEO to increase the chances that they will feature prominently, so there really is an investment cost attached to this process.

There are 100s of factors that will determine where a website will feature on Google for any given search term, but the discipline is really distilled into the following three areas:


The quality of the content on your website is hugely important. You need to feature content that is relevant and appealing to the type of visitor and potential customer you’d like to attract. When we are talking about content, this can include text, imagery and video content.

The bottom line is if your content is better and more relevant and informative than your competition you have a better chance of featuring prominently on Google.

Historically, search engines such as Google simply tried to identify words on a page to determine which keywords you should rank for. Things are much more sophisticated now and Google does a much better job at determining the context of data contained on a web page.

For example, if a content piece mentions the word “Paris” & the word “Hilton”.  Historically Google would struggle to determine if this referred to the celebrity Paris Hilton, or the Hilton Hotel in Paris.

Now when Google processes the information it looks at a host of clues to determine the overall context of any given web page.

Technical Considerations

How your website is structured from a technical standpoint can make a huge difference to your search engine rankings.

Your website not only needs to be easy for visitors to navigate, but it also needs to be constructed in a way that Google can easily understand and crawl efficiently.

Technical aspects that may affect how well your website ranks include page speed, website security and how easy your site is to navigate from a visitor’s perspective.

A website may look good on the surface, but think about how many pages on the web that Google has to crawl on a daily basis and the power and resources this requires.

For that reason, having a website that Google can crawl efficiently with the least amount of resources can also have an impact on your search engine presence.

Although we work with just about any web platform, our team are particularly experienced when it comes to SEO for Magento, Shopify & WordPress.

External Signals

One of the reasons Google became the western world’s leading search engine was the idea of using factors external to your website to determine where it should rank among competing sites for any given search term.

Search engines in the past acted as a simple database and often only really used content contained within a website to determine its search engine rankings.  This was a fairly primitive way to generate results and it became very easy to manipulate.

Google decided to put a significant focus on external factors when determining where a website should rank for any given keyword.  This means that information about your website or business found on other websites can have a huge impact on how well your site will rank.

One of these factors is the quantity and quality of third-party websites that link to your site. A high-quality link to your website essentially counts as a ‘vote’ for your website as a trustworthy resource.

Increase Leads & Sales Quickly Through PPC

When people mention PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, they are normally referring to Google Ads as this is by far the most popular and effective advertising platform ever created.

The reason Google Ads is so effective is that it allows you to show potential customers an advert at the exact point when they are actively searching for a product or service.

This means that ads stop being an annoying form of interruption and instead become a helpful form of information.

The great thing about Google Ads is that you can spend as little, or as much, as you wish and your return on investment is easily measurable and accountable.


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