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Your site speed matters more than you think. We speed up Shopify stores & improve their performance. Results guaranteed!
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Our team of experienced Shopify Developers know how to take a site that loads at a snails pace's and make it faster than a Cheetah after a can of Red Bull.

Shopify Site Speed Improvements

The Deft Speed Guarantee!

There are multiple benefits to having a faster website:

– improve UX
– lower bounce rates
– better conversion rates
– improved search rankings

What do we guarantee?

– A score of 90+ for desktop on Google PageSpeed Insights
– A score of 70+ for mobile on Google PageSpeed Insights
– If we can’t make your site faster, you don’t pay us a penny


Why choose us to improve your Shopify site speed?

It is crucial that you choose the right Shopify Partner Agency to improve your site load time. Call us biased, but here’s why we think you should choose Deft…

Experienced Development Team

We have a team of designers and Shopify developers experienced in building & fixing websites for fledgeling businesses turning over as little as £100k, right up to established organisations with turnover in excess of £20m.

Ecommerce Professionals

We understand how important your website is to you so when we make improvements we will do so with the greatest care and precision.

No Sales Or Account Management Layer

We have a team of eCommerce professionals that you will deal with directly; we don't hide behind salespeople or account managers.

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