Choosing the Right Ecommerce Agency

You could choose to work with one of the big-name agencies with huge overheads and an annual Christmas party budget that rivals your yearly marketing spend.

These companies often have layers of account management and a team of dedicated salespeople paid to schmooze and upsell every last add-on service, until your entire marketing budget is consumed.

Or you could choose Deft Digital.

We are a team of seasoned Ecommerce & Digital Marketing professionals who decided to get together and form our own agency; an agency where we can put our clients before the glitz and do things the right way.

If you choose to get in touch with us, you will speak directly to an Ecommerce expert with 15+ years of experience. If you decide to work with us, one of those people will be directly responsible for the success of your project.

We're not a full-service agency.

But we excel at what we do.

Each member of our highly experienced Ecommerce & Digital Marketing team has a long track record of increasing sales revenue for all types of businesses.

You can be confident we will reach your potential customers online. Whether they are searching Google or browsing Facebook, we have the expertise to capture and convert that traffic.

But we don’t just stop there: we will also work with you to improve your website to ensure that it is fully geared up and optimised to capture leads or generate sales.

What we do:

As a Shopify Partner agency, we build optimised Shopify sites. We can help you migrate to Shopify or simply improve sales through our eCommerce audit and UX work.
Need advanced automations, checkout control, more dedicated support and scalability at the enterprise level. Speak to us.
Shopify Plus
Already have enough traffic? We stop the bucket from leaking!
We help businesses scale via Google Shopping, Search, PMAX, YouTube & Facebook Ads.
We are Shopify site speed experts and we’ll work with you to ensure your Shopify site is lightning-fast.

We don't make cheap websites

Instead, we make great websites that are affordable and – most importantly – designed to maximise your sales and conversion rates. In other words, our websites give our clients great returns on their investments.

We also appreciate how important cash flow is to a business. It can be daunting for a business owner, and often difficult for a head of marketing, to get financial sign-off on the investment required for a web project you know will deliver results.

For that reason, Deft allow you to split the cost of a project over an agreed period. We will also consider revenue-share models for well-funded, ambitious Ecommerce brands.

Shopify Website Design

Some of our clients include


Drop us a line or send us your brief. For suitable projects, we’ll do a full scoping call to understand high-level requirements and your business priorities to see how we can help.

We’ll gladly help you calculate budgets and timescales with no pressure to engage.