We Fix Hacked WordPress Websites

Do you think that your website has been hacked? Perhaps it's obvious or maybe your visitors have told you that they are sometimes redirected away from your website?

Having your WordPress site hacked is not unlike having your house burgled. Both unfortunate events come with the stress and feeling of your privacy just having been invaded and you may feel like your business is at risk.

In the case of actual break-in into your house you call the police. If your website has been hacked, we can help.

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We Restore The Health Of Your Website After A Hack

Here’s how we can help.

Redirect Hack Fix

One of the most common hacks we see is one that redirects some visitors to a 3rd party website. We can fix this.

Deep Scan To Find & Clean Infected Files

If your website has been hacked, there is a high chance that numerous files are infected. We can help find and clean these infected files.

Reinfection Prevention

We can find and close any open backdoors and install firewall security software to prevent reinfection.

Security Hardening

We can harden your security measures to prevent your website from looking like an easy target.

Website Updates

If you are using an extremely old version of WordPress, occasionally additional development work is required to bring the software up to date. We can help with that.

On-going Support

We put measures in place to help prevent a future attack, but on-going support & improved secure hosting is also an option.

Our team has helped fix over 100 hacked WordPress websites

How do WordPress Websites Get Hacked?

There’s a wide range of methods that hackers use to gain unauthorized access into a website, but there are usually a few favourites that we hear about time and time again.

Clinging on to an old version of WordPress and refusing to update is one of the main culprits of getting hacked.This is true for a lot of software.

Cybersecurity is a constant game of cat and mouse between hackers and developers. Digital criminals put a lot of effort into discovering exploits in currently available software. When developers find out about those, they make an effort to patch these up as quickly as possible.

By using an old version of WordPress (or any software) you expose yourself to those well-known exploits. It is always worth it to keep your software up to date.

This also applies to plugins, frequently hackers can find secuirty holes in out-of-date plugins that can be exploited to gain access to your website.

Weak passwords are another common reason for website’s being hacked.  Did you know that a home computer with a basic graphics card can crack an 8 character password in just 8 days?

Also, if you use the same username and password across multiple websites and one of those websites gets hacked, there’s a chance that your username and password will be published on hacking forums meaning that other accounts could be comprimised too.

If your WordPress website has been hacked, or if you are concerned about it being hacked. We can help.

How we find the problem, fix the problem & secure your website

1. Find

We will carry out a deep scan of the website, analyse server logs, files and locate the source of the hack.

2. Fix

Once we have detected the hack we will create a backup of your website & remove any malware that hs been detected.

3. Secure

After removing the hack we will put measures in place to reduce the chances of the problem happening again in the future.

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